The music market is undergoing changes that are set to have an impact on practices across all areas and sectors of the art, as well as on the industry itself. At a time when the world’s traditional economic models are changing just as fast as practices in the music industry, artists are finding that their role in the music profession is becoming an increasingly central one. They may have more power at their disposal in their interactions with others within the industry but, ironically, they have never been more alone when it comes to career development and the decision-making process.

The worlds of classical music and jazz are a little like homogeneous ecosystems, each made up of a relatively small number of players of varying sizes that interact regularly with one another. However, these worlds are neither independent nor self-contained – and unlike in the past, classical music and jazz have not been at the forefront of the most recent revolutions in music. They acknowledge that these changes are happening, participate in them (sometimes unwillingly), and cannot thrive without interacting with the rest of the industry and indeed with their own sectors. It is impossible to fully understand these structured sectors without first taking their internal challenges and practices into consideration; failing to do so creates the risk of missing out on a wealth of talent and opportunities.

Artmedeo offers an approach to the music industry that is based both on the Artist and on knowledge of the inner workings of the jazz and classical-music industries. As such, the company caters for both Corporate Clients and the Artists themselves.

To the former, Artmedeo provides a range of services, making use of extensive sector knowledge and expertise. This expertise is the result of more than 25 years of professional experience within the music industry, most notably in the jazz and classical sectors. Artmedeo is also aimed at Artists. We seek to guide Artists, allowing them to develop professionally, produce and distribute their projects and create their own artistic signature.

With this two-pronged approach, and drawing on an established network of key contacts across every level of the music industry, Artmedeo functions as both a coordinator and a catalyst in the careers and goals of artists, acts as a bridge between the worlds of classical music and jazz and the rest of the music industry, and serves as a valued link among all the actors in this small but thriving market.

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