Artmedeo offers the Artist (be they a singer, instrumentalist, group, orchestra, conductor, composer,or otherwise) guidance and direction at every stage of their career:

  • We provide advice and management services that allow artists to better organise and manage their professional profile, as well as helping with decision-making in the areas of career development, management and negotiation of contracts, and so on.

  • Artmedeo can help artists to reflect on their careers in the medium and long term – to consider the image they wish to project, their artistic and personal goals, the repertoire they wish to develop and any collaborations they may wish to engage in. In this way, it helps them to pinpoint their authentic musical identity, to define their artistic signature and to exploit it thereafter.

  • Artmedeo also helps to guide the artist through the production and distribution processes. The dramatic increase in digital sales, along with the decline in physical sales and the increasing importance of live performances from a financial perspective, is creating new paradigms, mentalities, work rhythms and practices in the industry. Finding a record label is no longer a necessity for artists, but is rather just one of the options available to them in their professional-development strategy. Artmedeo offers advice in all of the following areas: artistic direction, choice of repertoires, executive production, finding a label, choosing a distributor, exploring alternative means of distribution, and finding a producer or concert promoter.

  • Lastly, Artmedeo helps the artist to publicise the image that they have developed, with public relations in the worlds of classical music or jazz, as well as, of course, their interaction with the wider public, in particular on social media.

By providing this guidance, Artmedeo allows the artist to refocus their attention on their craft and their art, giving them the freedom and the means to express and communicate that art in an authentic manner.


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